Episode 2: Energy Work with Stef Nicholson


Energy work comes in many forms and many people have their own way of manipulating energy to heal and transform their lives, physical body, emotions and mental state.

All types of energy work begin with a connection to life-force energy, also known as “source energy”, “chi”, “ki” or “prana”. Using this connection, one can heal themselves and others with energy work structures such as breathwork, yoga, reiki, music and tarot.

We all have the ability to tap into this wonderful life-force energy, but these ancient structures and modalities help us focus its power. The purpose of energy work is to expedite the human connection to source energy, for optimal healing for mind, body and soul.

Originally from Cape Breton Island, NS, Stef has been offering Reiki energy to clients for the last 18 years. She has always been quite intuitive and in tune with the energetic body.

Naturally, she was drawn to the healing energy of Reiki and began her journey as a student of Reiki at age 17. Since then, she has grown immensely as a healer and has had major success with her clients. She decided to establish her practice after a very profound experience as a volunteer healer in 2017.

She realized the astounding effect the healing energy of Reiki had on perfect strangers and decided to set up a healing space of her own. She currently works out of her home and also does house calls.

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